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The Story Is Based In Personal Experience.

I love her.

It is with true affection that I write about Dr. Vilija Thomas. She has been my Dentist since 1999. Having many dental experiences in my life, prior to finding Dr. Thomas, I can vouch for her skills as a Dentist; including her ability to do procedures effectively, with minimal discomfort.

Sincere caring and compassion are just two of the traits that make Dr. Thomas stand out from the many dentists serving the Dallas area. Each and every patient experiences 100% of her attention during their visit. Her practice is a rarity in her accessibility and personal relationship with her patients.

She has my complete trust. I know that she will adhere to the ethics of her profession and never recommend unnecessary treatments. It is because of these reasons and many more that I continue to keep Dr. Thomas as my Dentist, even though I now live several hours away.

- Linda Day

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